37 Versus Reviews Illustrations

I always love when a site redesign project requires a set of custom illustrations. That was just the case for one of our most recent site launches for a company called Versus Reviews. Versus Reviews is a website where you can not only learn all about various products and services but you can also compare them to their other competitors side by side. It’s a pretty handy tool! The products and services that they review are broken up into a collection of categories which we decided to represent by creating these illustrations. From left to right – top to bottom, the categories include: Business, Lifestyle, Technology, Family, Home, Money and Apps. The last two illustrations were variations of Family and Home that didn’t quite make the cut. I still wanted to include them here though because I thought they made the full set feel complete.

We went through a few rounds of style changes to get these illustrations just right. In fact, the post I made previously to this one – seen here – was the very first attempt at the Lifestyle icon. As you can see the style has evolved quite a bit. They style we landed on suits the brand of the website really well though and definitely helps provide a welcoming (and helpful) feel.