45 Rogue Fitness UI Exploration

To those who know me personally, it’s no secret that fitness is a major part of my life – specifically Crossfit style training. I primarily train at home, so over the years I’ve accumulated quite a bit of gear. As a result, I find myself browsing www.roguefitness.com quite often.

Back in 2015 I was in the market for some bumper plates and found myself regularly reviewing the product that is displayed here in this post. After spending a significant amount of time on this page here I couldn’t help myself from thinking about the various tweaks that I would make to the design in order to enhance the user experience. It was just a fun side project that I never really finished thinking through.

Fast forward three years and I suddenly got the desire (and time) to finish working through the concept that I had started so long ago. I had fun making this but fully realize that it’s simply an exploration of design rather than an actual strategic or serious suggestion.

Ok, enough about design. Time to hit a work out.