60 Every Moment

In late 2019 Mosaic Church launched a massive initiative to help solidify ministry plans for the next several years. This initiative – titled, Every Moment – was accompanied by a full campaign of marketing and promotional materials. To date, it is likely the most involved campaign I have ever worked on. The theme focused on the redemption of all things. It challenged us to redeem, every (single) moment. The visual concepts created played off of this theme by personifying the rings of a tree. Each tree ring represents a moment in that tree’s existence. This visual element was used heavily throughout the initiative which was also complimented with the tagline: By Jesus, For Jesus, Through Jesus.

Beyond the logo itself, many of the applications can be found on my instagram page. Environmental Design / Physical Installation, Poster Series, Album Packaging, Vision book One, Vision Book Two. These materials, however, are just the tip of the ice berg. This initiative was comprehensive in every sense of the word. To get a better grasp and understanding of the initiative visit everymoment.life.